Work of Art Sound Design has created sound effects for Rising Islands by Lone Hero Studios!

"Rising Islands is an adventure game that features a unique dimension shifting mechanic which dictates what parts of the world you can interact with. This leads to interesting and challenging combat and platforming puzzles which test the players wit and dexterity.

Rising Islands features a classic good vs evil narrative. A long time ago an ancient being sacrificed itself to bring peace to two warring factions, but in turn they lost their magical powers and became human. However, some of these ancients did not want to lose their powers and thus became corrupt, and now beset the human world out of greed and selfishness. It is up to the player to stop them."


Make sure you visit their website and facebook page for more info about the game! You can also find it on Steam!


Do you like soccer? Work of Art Sound Design has created sound effects for Fotbollskampen by The Farm!


"Fotbollskampen är frågesporten som sätter dina kunskaper om svensk fotboll på prov. Med tusentals frågor i tio kategorier får du nu äntligen chansen att briljera med ditt fotbollskunnande och samtidigt hjälpa ditt lag till toppen."

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